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Congratulations to 2020 HCL Masters

17 Dec 2019

HCL Master

This week is going to be a big week for the HCL Digital Solutions brands and it started late last night with the announcement of the 2020 crop of HCL Masters. Congratulations to all who were selected, it continues HCL’s commitment to the community and those who go above and beyond to bring benefits to all who use the products.

As always, the award is a recognition of efforts done throughout 2019, so enjoy the glory but continue the planning for bigger and better things next year.

For those who were nominated but were unsuccessful, congratulations on your nominations. Never should there be a situation in any process where all who were nominated were selected. That is evidence of a moribund ecosystem. Our community should ever be expecting, ever causing a headache for those tasked with choosing the brightest and best by giving a larger list of ever more deserving nominees. You may think you’re more deserving than Person A on the list, but you didn’t see Person A’s nomination(s), in all likelihood you don’t work close enough with them to know everything they did, and you weren’t involved in the discussions of the nominees. You may not agree with the list and that’s your prerogative. But even if unbiased, your opinion cannot be based on the same information and so is not directly comparable or relevant to this list. Instead, pay close attention to the criteria, review whether your peer nomination or self-nomination highlighted specific, measurable efforts above and beyond your day job giving useful benefits to the wider community. Seek advice from other experienced individuals about how your efforts and nomination could be better next time. Because a bad nomination may make it harder to justify an individual’s inclusion, and the nominations are key criteria. Then plan for the year ahead according to HCL Master nomination criteria. Achieving your goals requires planning or a whole lot of luck, and planning is the easier route! With a little thought and an awareness of your strengths, there are no shortage of opportunities within the community.

Well done to those on the list, and good luck to those aiming to be on the list next year.

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