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Bali Unit Testing Framework Videos

01 Mar 2023

Two weeks ago four videos were posted on OpenNTF’s YouTube channel walking through the functionality of the Bali Unit testing framework. The videos are:

  1. Introduction to Bali Unit Repo: where to find the code and documentation, ask questions etc.
  2. Bali Unit Basic Introduction: the structure of test runner and test suites.
  3. Bali Unit Tests and Assertions: a deep dive into creating tests and the various assertion functions that are available.
  4. Bali Unit Advanced Functionality: custom testers and custom code to run before all tests, before each test, after each test, after all tests.

These are intended to give you all the information you need to use the test suite, although full documentation is available in the repo, at

Posted with : LotusScript, VoltScript, Domino